The original score.

The first studio session with composer Nestor Torres, at Winterstone Studios in Tallahassee, Florida on February 7, 2007. We are running the 90-minute rough cut (see on the big screen in the background as Nestor warms up) as we prepare to go through it with an ear to appropriate musical tone in the different scenes.

What a blast! To be at this stage of post-production is almost surreal to me. It’s also a little terrifying, possibly because I’ve always had what I call Completion Anxiety Disorder, or something along those lines.

It seems that when I’m in the early stage of a project, and into the middle, my choices are wide open. Since I don’t have to commit to any final outcome, I feel free and quite serene. When I get toward the end though, of anything, that’s when I start getting squirrely.

Now with this film, the biggest and most important work of my life to date, I am getting anxiety pangs like crazy. I console myself with the belief that this is an inescapable and imperative phase of the artistic process.

That belief is holding me together.

Anyway, don’t you love the sublime flute playing in the clip? Please comment.

One response to “The original score.

  1. eastcoastlibrarian

    You can do it! Looks like it’s a very professional production. We’re all behind you!

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