European Itinerary

I could be the luckiest librarian presently breathing. I leave on Tuesday: Madison to Detroit, to London, to Rotterdam. Check out this itinerary!

May 22 Bibliotheek Rotterdam, Bibliotheektheater, Hoogstraat 110, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
May 23 Poelestraat 30, Groningen, The Netherlands
May 25 Film Plateau Paddenhoek 3, Gent, Belgium
June 2 International Telecommunication Union, Geneva, Switzerland
June 3 Munich, Germany
June 5 German Library Congress, Mannheim, Germany

I mean sheesh! I can never take my life for granted, because it is so fricking amazing and full of possibility and potential. Home from Frankfurt on June 6.


2 responses to “European Itinerary

  1. Dear Ann,

    Thanks for being in ‘My’ library in Rotterdam, Netherlands!!! I did make photographs, here in an automatic slideshow:

    Same photographs together on one page here:


    If you or anyone else likes to use them for non commercial purpose, mail me by using the contact button on my blog:

    If anyone likes photo’s for commercial use, that’s also ok, mail me too. I can use money for my library-activities in Rotterdam too;-)

    Greetings and good luck with your European tour.
    Rita Niland

  2. It’s great how excited you are!

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