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European Itinerary

I could be the luckiest librarian presently breathing. I leave on Tuesday: Madison to Detroit, to London, to Rotterdam. Check out this itinerary!

May 22 Bibliotheek Rotterdam, Bibliotheektheater, Hoogstraat 110, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
May 23 Poelestraat 30, Groningen, The Netherlands
May 25 Film Plateau Paddenhoek 3, Gent, Belgium
June 2 International Telecommunication Union, Geneva, Switzerland
June 3 Munich, Germany
June 5 German Library Congress, Mannheim, Germany

I mean sheesh! I can never take my life for granted, because it is so fricking amazing and full of possibility and potential. Home from Frankfurt on June 6.



Part the First:

Part the Second:

Tickets bought. Engage butterflies.

So, today I made the purchase of airline tickets from my home in Madison to Rotterdam, returning via Frankfurt. Oh my goodness, it's getting exciting again. I wonder how long it will take before (if?) international travel becomes more of an ordinary event, not one that sends my adrenaline through the roof of my head.

Funny, though. Although I have the apparent lifestyle of a globetrotting librarian-filmmaking (wtf?!), I am broke, broke, broke. Can't think how to make money for doing such fabulous stuff. So, I just shrug and figure it will work itself out somehow.

Now listening to…

Morricone by Hey Hey My My.

Nice .

So. Busy.Can't. Breathe. Or. Blog.

Just added the BlogIt application so perhaps I can get back on track with my WordPress blog? Lord knows, it's probably a vain hope. Kisses to everyone reading this.

Building our Audience.

I’ve recently read a couple of articles I want to share.

The Christian Science Monitor printed a piece in May entitled For Indie Filmmakers, the Trick is Finding an Audience that nails the challenges faced by filmmakers like me and films like The Hollywood Librarian.

Then the delightful Mary Pols at the Contra Costa Times (a fine paper, imo) wrote this article about the dearth of women directors in Hollywood’s movie machine that I think is both true and disgusting. I’m, once again, outraged by the endlessly Fixed Games men play. [Note: It’s not that I’m interested in being a filmmaker — I made a film — I’m disgusted as a woman because once again, the boys make it so they get to keep all the money and all the prizes.]

Comments welcome.

Scenes from the Capital.

Some footage of the premiere! Enjoy.