The Hollywood Librarian Now Showing Worldwide

See the Screening List at the film’s website.


6 responses to “The Hollywood Librarian Now Showing Worldwide

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  2. Can’t wait till it can be shown in Australia! Loved listening to your audio blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Madeline Laufenberg

    Is there any thought about making The Hollywood Librarian into a dvd for purchase. My daughter is a librarian and I would love to give this to her for her birthday.

  4. Melody Hubbard

    I loved your film! Took two of my former students, one of whom plans to become a librarian, to see it at the Central Library in Los Angeles. Are there plans to make your film available for purchase on DVD? I would love to buy several copies. Thanks.

  5. Next october 24th we, at Facultat de Biblioteconomia i Documentació Universitat de Barcelona, want to project the movie. How can we apply for a copy?

    Thank you!

  6. Just botrowed this video from our library and watched it. It’s not available on Amazon so I couldn’t review it. It is a good film but the title is a misnoer: it’s not about the Hollywood image of a librarian. It’s more of a documentary about librarians.

    One of the best parts is the bonus featuer with the catalog cart drill teams. It’s a riot!

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